Everyone Needs A Mentor Like Todd Polke

Tod Polke MentorComing from a business point of view, everyone needs a mentor. It’s true that no one person let alone one business has ever been truly successful on their own. Everyone you can think of, from Thomas Edison to Einstein to Newton, Bill Gates to Steve Jobs. All these brilliant minds had a team of people and someone to guide them.

Todd Polke is considered a business guru and expert mentor for those who want to leave a lasting impact on the world today in hopes of making a better tomorrow. The work that Todd Polke does is said to be powerful in the lives of all those he works with. This isn’t just talk, the results speak, too! With a hundreds of people and entire organizations under Mr. Polke’s wing, his failure rate is only 2% which is truly incredible.

The goal of a mentor is to help as many people as possible and be as productive as he can be. Rather than investing hours of his time into one person or one company every day, Todd Polke set up a YouTube channel so he can give expert advice and guidance for free to as many people who dare to listen. This is what a mentor who knows how to manage his time looks like.

How to Create an Efficient System of Support for Business

boldleads-review-business-realFew businesses are able to enjoy a tremendous amount of success without having a strong system of support in place, although the type of support system can vary by a significant margin across differing industries. Determining the ideal typeof support system to put in place is a critical component in any strategy for long-term business viability, which is why business leaders must be entirely committed to analyzing the approach that is best suited to their company’s specific goals.

Businesses operating in the real estate industry are already quite aware of available systems of support, as a company like BoldLeads reviews the impact and efficacy of its wide-ranging practices to ensure that its clients are benefiting to the greatest degree possible as a result of utilizing the support system the company has put in place for real estate agents. Forleaders in industries other than real estate, it should be well understood that developing a network of support such as the one available to real estate agents through BoldLeads is a critical step to ensuring the long-term viability and success of their company

Ralph Slaske – The Man Behind the House

Ralph Slaske – The Man Behind the House

Starting out as an engineer, after building his own home, Ralph Slaske decided to leave the corporate world behind to break ground on his own home building business. Since its founding in 2005, Slaske Building Company has brought expertise and insight that is second to none.
As a member of Home Builders Association of Greater Toledo as well as The National Association of Homebuilders he has also become the only Graduate Master Builder in Northwest Ohio.
Mr. Slaske believes that customer satisfaction is the primary goal when designing each custom home home, his attention to detail and quality have earned him the Single Family Home of the Year from the Toledo Homebuilders Association.

Career Tips From Randi Glazer

Randi Glazer’s new book is a must-read for anyone contemplating a career in the underwriting industry. As an underwriter, Randi Glazer evaluated applications, determined the risk to the company and set customer’s premiums. It was a job that was constantly at odds with the sales department; therefore, her book has some interesting anecdotes.

Her book is also a good read for anyone who wants a glimpse into the inter-office conflict that is prevalent in industries where one department’s goal conflicts with another department’s goal. Randi Glazer’s experience as a female career professional is also highly informative; there are many aspects of a career, such as office politics and fitting into an organization’s culture that are not taught in college.

America Needs Small Businesses Like Slaske Builders

Business is the heart of any nation and as business grows, that nation grows with it. Take America for example. The lifeline of America is the small business, but with major corporations such Wal-Mart, small business is doomed. What does that mean for America?  Small businesses are absolutely crucial for building up the strength of the economy even if they don’t take in as much business and earn nearly as much revenue as a major corporation. What small businesses also do, is provide jobs opportunities. Slaske Builders is a great example of this and the way they build not only homes, but also the local economy and function  as the foundation for some of the largest corporations.

How exactly do small businesses improve the economy? Why should you give a local grocery store your business rather than going to Wal-Mart for your needs? Small businesses give strength to local economies by bringing the possibility to build and do more with the community. In a nutshell, without the small business as the foundation for everything to build on, America would collapse eventually because small businesses give support to other businesses and add balance.

Supplying employment opportunities are another way small businesses also help encourage growth of the economy. You wouldn’t go work for a major corporation at 17 would you? It happens, yes, but it is highly unlikely and very rare. Small business are the best place for you to start and get your introduction to the world by joining the workforce. The small business is also where you learn your first important life lessons to prepare you for big world and possibly working for that corporation. If there is a large business in the neighborhood, it can also reap the benefits of surrounding small businesses.

Jody Rookstool Offers Unique Insight Into Creating Additional Revenue Streams

Maximizing the potential revenue of a business is obviously a paramount concern, and the best leaders understand the importance of investigating every possible way to enhance existing revenue streams while also looking into ways to create new ones. According to Jody Rookstool, there are many businesses that are missing out on some very simply means for enhancing profitability. As the author of a travel book on Texas, Rookstool has intimate knowledge of some of the more interesting techniques employed by companies in the Lone Star State, though she has acknowledged that perhaps not all of these techniques are the kind that can be implemented on a widespread basis.

According to Rookstool, many Texas attractions are able to remain successful by embracing strategies that set them apart as unique and memorable. In many cases, businesses have commissioned temporary art installations that became so popular they remained a permanent fixture. While a financial institution would not likely benefit from the levity inherent in such a project, there are plenty of businesses in other industries that could enhance profits by welcoming an artist to create something weird and unique to draw the interest of visitors.

There is often little risk involved in such an endeavor, as it is fairly easy to find an up-and-coming artist who is more than happy to create something in exchange for nothing more than a large space in which the piece can be displayed. If the installation does not have the intended effect, it can be just as easily removed, with the only risk being the potential impact on the company’s reputation. Organizations that are interested in cultivating a fun and daring reputation among its clientele could certainly benefit from taking a chance on an art installation.

Self-Employed Businessman Peter Lik

If you have a service to provide to the public or for the public, you have a business. The better job you do, the more your business grows by word of mouth. Peter Lik is an example of a self-employed entrepreneur who has mastered his craft and his business thereby earning the title of a master photographer as well as the most wanted photographer in the world.

Of course like all business, he didn’t hit the ground running. Every person who demands more of themselves to be greater and leave behind a legacy faces many trials. The difference in a winner is when trials come, they push through them and do not quit.

Business Headache

I wake up every morning with a business headache.  The eye strain from reading all those reports is killing me.  Breakfast is a cup of coffee and three aspirinsuntitled (72) untitled (71)If you are in the same bout don’t worry it will get worse before it gets better.  The fact that you are even needing to read that many reports on your business is a good thing.  If your business was failing you would not have anything that needed reported on.  Just be thankful that you have a viable and growing business.  When you go to work and read nothing you will be looking for a job soon.  Home for Life Animal Sanctuary is a business in distress.

Terry Simpson MD Knows Business Ethics

As you enter the business community it is important to know the business ethics.  Business ethics vary by business but the basics are usually the same.  untitled (56) untitled (55)Ask yourself if the transaction that you are about to complete is moral.  Yes the basic morality should be applied to all business dealings.  If you don’t have a god moral compass then you will be constantly in trouble as the business world will draw you down the wrong path.  The east path is not always the right path.  If you are not comfortable with the deal then walk away.  The inner voice should lead you in your business decisions.  Terry Simpson MD has always been a straight shooter.

Home Business?

untitled (102) untitled (101)Is a home business practical?  Bringing business home can have its advantages.  You can write off the office on your taxes.  The fact that you are not having to drive to work can save big bucks.  The commuting can become a major expense.  If you can have that extra space for work and can get away as needed a home business may work for you.  Many home businesses fail as they do not fully commit to the concept.  Not interacting with the outside business community face to face can be problematic.  Home For Life Animal Sanctuary is a home business that works.