Daren Zenner’s Secrets to Boxing

Daren_Zenner_studio_gymMany might believe that boxing is all about throwing punches and bobbing and weaving, but there is so much more to boxing than just that says infamous Daren Zenner. When he is teaching his students the secrets to boxing he purposefully leaves some things out, because the best way to learn how not to do something is by getting caught doing it. Every great fighter is unique in their own respects, they might focus more on conditioning, but be a slow jabber, and if you go at em hard be careful he doesn’t out last you in the end and then just push you over. Daren Zenner says the biggest secret to becoming a successful boxer is that there is no substitution for hard-work and practice. The best thing you can do for yourself is push yourself to your limits, and then when you think you cannot possibly go any further, push some more. If you want to beat your opponent then you have to fight him, and learn on your feet at the same time all the while your getting punched and beat up you gotta think, and that is not too easy.

If you want a sure fire way to be a winner, well there isnt one. You just have to practice. You have to be determined to fight, and take beatings and never give up. The greatest fighters of boxing didnt become great because they had natural talent, no, they practiced and refused to go down without giving it everything they had. So, when your conditioning, when your punching the speed bag, and jumping the rope, remember to get your heart in the game, becuase losing doesnt make you a loser, but refusing to fight again does.