Terry Simpson MD Knows Business Ethics

As you enter the business community it is important to know the business ethics.  Business ethics vary by business but the basics are usually the same.  untitled (56) untitled (55)Ask yourself if the transaction that you are about to complete is moral.  Yes the basic morality should be applied to all business dealings.  If you don’t have a god moral compass then you will be constantly in trouble as the business world will draw you down the wrong path.  The east path is not always the right path.  If you are not comfortable with the deal then walk away.  The inner voice should lead you in your business decisions.  Terry Simpson MD has always been a straight shooter.

Home Business?

untitled (102) untitled (101)Is a home business practical?  Bringing business home can have its advantages.  You can write off the office on your taxes.  The fact that you are not having to drive to work can save big bucks.  The commuting can become a major expense.  If you can have that extra space for work and can get away as needed a home business may work for you.  Many home businesses fail as they do not fully commit to the concept.  Not interacting with the outside business community face to face can be problematic.  Home For Life Animal Sanctuary is a home business that works.

Business Gone Wrong

untitled (44) imagesP6QS390HWhat to do when business goes wrong.  When a project goes wrong the first thing is damage control.  So many projects that could have been saved fail from the cover up.  Ignoring or worse hiding the problems can destroy a project.  Do not let problems go and hope for the best.  Problems are to be expected and attacked like it was your jab because it is.  As a project manager I dealt with problems constantly.  If I let something go it would just grow into a bigger problem so I attacked it right away and put it to bed before going back to business.  Home For Life Animal Sanctuary has had its own challenges.

Cut Throat Business

untitled (18)Some practice cut throat business and get ahead on the backs of those that that used and abused.  I have the displeasure of dealing with several managers that believed that this was the only way to succeed.  I was intimidated by this style of managing and never liked it.  It worked to some extent but when the manager finally got where they wanted Karma stepped in.  I watched the demise of several managers that were abusive to their employees and managed with fear. It never worked.  I repeat…It never works.  The employees will sell you out the first time they get a chance.  Home For Life Animal Sanctuary  can attest to what I am saying.

Love Is The Best Business

Business is about helping someone fulfill a need and that is usually done with a product or service. A business helping others just makes sense and should be a core value that is adopted by every business leader. Alas, this is not the case. As businesses grow, most get caught up in responsibility and overwhelmed with having power. For business professionals, most times than not they often get too tied up their own projects or their own personal problems and do not give the time to think (because most don’t have time to think) about giving other people the help they need. As Olujic says often, “If you are chasing money, you’re doing it wrong.” Although, most have recently come to understand that the majority of their best clients, business partners and relationships in and out of business have come solely from helping someone.

Think for a moment, what is the best gift you can give someone? Some would say it would be your time because you are giving a part of yourself away that you can’t get back. Others would argue the best gift you can give is the gift that keeps on giving and that gift would be your knowledge. The difference between experience and wisdom is that experience is what you learn through trial and error and constant try, fail and adjusting. You go through the process and making mistakes and that is how you gain your personal experience. Wisdom is the same try, fail and adjusting experience except it’s not your experience. It’s someone else’s.

One of the most surefire and simplest ways to be a help and a blessing to others is to apportion your knowledge. Share it among those who can benefit. Anyone can be a teacher if you have the patience for the job and the right information for others to learn, and this takes a certain amount of love for others. There are so many opportunities each and every day to teach somebody what you have learned in your area of expertise. Once you take on the role of mentoring someone, you must challenge yourself to keep learning. The worst thing is for your pupil to come to you with a question you don’t know looking for an answer you don’t have.

Work on the Go

Can you take your job with you?  Most say no.  Dove Medical Press is a place to find how you can be more portable.  Work while traveling can be challenging.  Will you have that internet connection that you need?  Will it be secure?  Will it be fast enough?  Will it be stable?  Who knows if you rely on coffee shops wifi.  Without a secure internet connection how will you be able to do your work?  You will have to get an hotspot on your smartphone.  This will require that you are near a tower but it will make it more accessible.  Go ahead and use that free hotspot but when it is not available, you still have the smartphone hotspot.

Traveling Models Is Good Business

If you have to travel for business, everyone who does complains about it. All the complaints from travelers on business are pretty much the same such as, it is expensive, the seats are uncomfortable, there’s too many people, nothing makes sense and so on.

If you’re a model, not only is travel going to be a normal part of being a model but it is also essential! All of the most successful models travel. It’s just one of the dues that comes with the job and if you’’re lacking the desire and the willingness to travel, it’s sad to say you wont have much of a modeling career.

Keep in mind it is not out of character for legitimate modeling agencies such as Milk Management (UK Models) to send inexperienced models overseas in order to build their portfolio and gain practical experience.  A little tip: If a modeling agency wants  you to pack your bags in order to send you away, remember it is a good sign, not a bad one.

Stocks, Bonds And Business

To no surprise, most of the world’s business would be impossible without stocks and bonds and the financial markets. What exactly are stocks and bonds? Stocks and bonds are official documents that are sold to raise money that could be used for starting a new company or for adding on to a company that already is in place. Securities is another word for stocks and bonds and investors are what the people who buy them are called.

Students who study at the TIE Institute are taught all these things along with how important they are to the business world and how to utilize them to make the best benefit of their sources such as the financial markets. What exactly is the financial market? The Financial Markets are appointed as a way for the investor to take control of their own personal wealth and income through active trading or longer term investing.


Three Dollar Click CEO Reconnects With Friend Adam Kutner

Good friends are hard to come by as we have all heard the saying. Some friends are like the seasons of a tree where they come and go just quick and just as easy as they come. Other friends, like Adam Kutner, are like the roots of a tree where the trees roots are firmly in place and go nowhere. CEO of Three Dollar Clicks thought he had lost a good friend for life until stumbling upon his company facebook and that’s where he reconnected with Adam Kutner.

Adam Kutner is a high credible accident attorney born in Philadelphia who does his business in the Las Vegas area. Kutner has been in the profession for more than 21 years and to much of a surprise has experience all through the court system with over 20,000 cases in his past. A friend isn’t just a friend with Adam Kutner, a friend is family and so are his clients.

Daren Zenner’s Secrets to Boxing

Daren Zenner’s Secrets to Boxing

Daren_Zenner_studio_gymMany might believe that boxing is all about throwing punches and bobbing and weaving, but there is so much more to boxing than just that says infamous Daren Zenner. When he is teaching his students the secrets to boxing he purposefully leaves some things out, because the best way to learn how not to do something is by getting caught doing it. Every great fighter is unique in their own respects, they might focus more on conditioning, but be a slow jabber, and if you go at em hard be careful he doesn’t out last you in the end and then just push you over. Daren Zenner says the biggest secret to becoming a successful boxer is that there is no substitution for hard-work and practice. The best thing you can do for yourself is push yourself to your limits, and then when you think you cannot possibly go any further, push some more. If you want to beat your opponent then you have to fight him, and learn on your feet at the same time all the while your getting punched and beat up you gotta think, and that is not too easy.

If you want a sure fire way to be a winner, well there isnt one. You just have to practice. You have to be determined to fight, and take beatings and never give up. The greatest fighters of boxing didnt become great because they had natural talent, no, they practiced and refused to go down without giving it everything they had. So, when your conditioning, when your punching the speed bag, and jumping the rope, remember to get your heart in the game, becuase losing doesnt make you a loser, but refusing to fight again does.