Three Dollar Click CEO Reconnects With Friend Adam Kutner

Good friends are hard to come by as we have all heard the saying. Some friends are like the seasons of a tree where they come and go just quick and just as easy as they come. Other friends, like Adam Kutner, are like the roots of a tree where the trees roots are firmly in place and go nowhere. CEO of Three Dollar Clicks thought he had lost a good friend for life until stumbling upon his company facebook and that’s where he reconnected with Adam Kutner.

Adam Kutner is a high credible accident attorney born in Philadelphia who does his business in the Las Vegas area. Kutner has been in the profession for more than 21 years and to much of a surprise has experience all through the court system with over 20,000 cases in his past. A friend isn’t just a friend with Adam Kutner, a friend is family and so are his clients.