Jody Rookstool Offers Unique Insight Into Creating Additional Revenue Streams

Maximizing the potential revenue of a business is obviously a paramount concern, and the best leaders understand the importance of investigating every possible way to enhance existing revenue streams while also looking into ways to create new ones. According to Jody Rookstool, there are many businesses that are missing out on some very simply means for enhancing profitability. As the author of a travel book on Texas, Rookstool has intimate knowledge of some of the more interesting techniques employed by companies in the Lone Star State, though she has acknowledged that perhaps not all of these techniques are the kind that can be implemented on a widespread basis.

According to Rookstool, many Texas attractions are able to remain successful by embracing strategies that set them apart as unique and memorable. In many cases, businesses have commissioned temporary art installations that became so popular they remained a permanent fixture. While a financial institution would not likely benefit from the levity inherent in such a project, there are plenty of businesses in other industries that could enhance profits by welcoming an artist to create something weird and unique to draw the interest of visitors.

There is often little risk involved in such an endeavor, as it is fairly easy to find an up-and-coming artist who is more than happy to create something in exchange for nothing more than a large space in which the piece can be displayed. If the installation does not have the intended effect, it can be just as easily removed, with the only risk being the potential impact on the company’s reputation. Organizations that are interested in cultivating a fun and daring reputation among its clientele could certainly benefit from taking a chance on an art installation.