Everyone Needs A Mentor Like Todd Polke

Tod Polke MentorComing from a business point of view, everyone needs a mentor. It’s true that no one person let alone one business has ever been truly successful on their own. Everyone you can think of, from Thomas Edison to Einstein to Newton, Bill Gates to Steve Jobs. All these brilliant minds had a team of people and someone to guide them.

Todd Polke is considered a business guru and expert mentor for those who want to leave a lasting impact on the world today in hopes of making a better tomorrow. The work that Todd Polke does is said to be powerful in the lives of all those he works with. This isn’t just talk, the results speak, too! With a hundreds of people and entire organizations under Mr. Polke’s wing, his failure rate is only 2% which is truly incredible.

The goal of a mentor is to help as many people as possible and be as productive as he can be. Rather than investing hours of his time into one person or one company every day, Todd Polke set up a YouTube channel so he can give expert advice and guidance for free to as many people who dare to listen. This is what a mentor who knows how to manage his time looks like.